• We aim to operate the world's most intelligent mines with

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Creating the Resource Model

    • 1. Collect Drill Hole Data

      Data is collected by physically drilling 100m into the ground, and then removing each rod

    • 2. Analyze Core Samples

      Samples are taken at multiple depths of each rod which are sent offsite to a chemical lab to get assayed. The assays on the core samples measure the mineral grade.

    • Mill Data
      Blasthole Data
      Assay Data

      3. Collect Blasthole + Mill Data

      Stratum's model learns from higher density data, such as production data, to model lower density data, such as drillholes.

    • 4. AI Resource Model Construction

      The Stratum AI algorithm processes all data collected and constructs a mine resource model

  • The Stratum Resource Model

    Our resource models are constantly updated to reflect real-time data. Here is a cross section graph of a Stratum resource model.

  • How We Compare

    • Better mine planning + tonnage forecasting: 8-12% more resource mined
    • Better waste classification: 20-40% reduction
    • Better mill blending: optimized for mine economics and sales contracts
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